• Nordic Business Challenge

    Competition for pitching Nordic investors

  • How It Works

    Four contests - Four trainingmodules



    We start the process with a 8hour online session.


    Training x 4

    You will take part of four trainingmodules that prepares you to take part of the competitions.


    Competitions x 4

    You will present your work to a jury of businessangels, mentors and experts from the Nordics.



    The winner will be invited to Finland to take part of Polarbear Pitching, a pitchingcompetition i Finland.

  • Schedule for entrepreneurs

    Here is your program for the next 52 weeks. Every module ends with a competition where work will be evaluated by professionals.

    1. The Entrepreneur

    What are you dooing?

    The essence of beeing an entrepreneur is finding your dreams, strengths and passions and creating something beautiful with what you have. The first question we want to ask you is: What do you want to do with your life?

    2. The Customer

    Sales and marketing

    The engine that drives all business is sales. We will focus on getting rid of the fear of communicating with customers. Sales & Marketing is serving the customers and helping them to solve the problems they have.

    3. The Product

    Innovating solutions

    We work to find out a good businessmodel. Something that actually could work. This means working to find the right solutions for you customers problems. It´s much easier with a working businessmodel!

    4. The Company

    Leading your brand

    Here we will focus on making your business speak a language that is attractive to the potential customers. This means getting your website, social-media and all other communication in shape.

    5. The Pitch

    Ten minutes

    You have been prepared. Now is the time to show us what you got. Nordic investors are ready to hear about your plans for the future and how you and your company is going to change the world! The best company will be invited to Finland.

  • Price for the competition


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