• Program for coaches

    Do you want to become a teamcoach?

  • How It Works

    How to become a coach?



    Contact us thru the form on this webpage. We will book a skype discussion where you get more information and get to ask questions.



    Four coachingretreats (monday-friday) during a 1,5 year period. There will also be online-coachingcalls every week where you get to practice your teamcoaching-skills.



    In the end of your studies you will have the possibility to become a certified NORDIC TEAMCOACH™.



    During the process you will get help in building your coachingbusiness as a partner with Nordic School of Entrepreneurship. You can also choose to just use your skills in your excisting work.

  • The program for coaches

    Become our coach or use the methods in your work!

    The foundation of coaching

    Five days retriet

    In this first module we look at the teamcoaching-methodology. We learn about creating teams, roles, goalsetting, the laws of a teamcoach.

    Coaching motivation and productivity

    Five days retriet

    The second modul focusen on to help the entrepreneurs to find what they want to do, what they are good at, and how they could make a living.

    Coaching productdevelopment

    Four days retriet

    In the fourth modul we focus on how to coach the entrepreneurs in innovating solutions for their customer problems, and packaging it all in good services and products.

    Coaching sales & marketing

    Five days retriet

    In the third modul we focus on how to coach entrepreneurs in contacting customers, getting to know their customers, and getting some sales.

    Online coaching

    Every week - 2,5 hours

    We will have online meetings every second week, where we focus on creating your coachingpractice. It can be in university, as a consultant or as leader in an organisation.

  • Price of the program

    3500€ + food and accommodation for the retreats

  • Contact us and we will talk!

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